St. Augustine Real Estate Owners and Sellers

Whether you’re selling your home in a short sale, 1031 exchange or by any other means, we are here to help you through your transaction.

For many real estate closings our attorneys are able to provide minor legal services without any additional charge. For example, if you are selling property and a realtor has given you a proposed contract from a potential buyer, often times we can review and advise you on the contract without charging any additional attorneys’ fees if our attorneys are writing the title and serving as closing agent for the transaction.

Additionally, unlike many title companies, since your transaction will be handled by attorneys from start to finish, we do not have to send your file out to a law firm to clear title issues. What does that mean for you? That means that we can clear up most minor title issues without an additional cost to you.

Should the situation arise, our attorneys have experience with real estate litigation, including actions for damages and specific performance. Need a lease? We can draft it. Hiring a contractor? We can review or draft an agreement. Need zoning approval? We have experience with land development permitting.